In 2000, Vitrolife chose Jeeves ERP as its ERP system. With Jeeves, they have developed routines that ensure full traceability, simplify administration and increase delivery reliability. 

Vitrolife skylt Jeeves ERP

Full traceability from production to customers worldwide

Support for fully auditable custom workflows, while maintaining the ability to upgrade to the latest versions of software without hassle or interruption were two significant factors that led Vitrolife AB to Jeeves ERP.

Vitrolife, which manufactures solutions for fertility and stem cell therapy providers – and recently spun off a line of transplant-related products – quickly realized that Jeeves ERP provided the ideal ERP solution to meet its business needs. 

Visibility (the capability to track lots through the entire production cycle) and flexibility (the ability to adapt to new methods as they are developed), were the essential objectives that were met in acquiring the highly customizable Jeeves ERP solution. With refrigerated, short shelf-life product lines, and with the life and welfare of patients depending on the safety of their products, Vitrolife can afford no less than to use the most effective ERP solution to support their operations.  

Vitrolife had a need for an ERP that could support growth

Vitrolife found it important that Jeeves ERP would support its rapid growth, and that keeping the software updated would not interfere with the company’s operations, nor require extraordinary efforts in order to retain any enhancements and customizations made to the system. In the ten years since its implementation of Jeeves ERP, Vitrolife has indeed faced that projected growth: the company has more than doubled its annual revenue over five years, reaching $52.5 million, and has added new units and companies in several countries, almost doubling its workforce during that same time. 

– Two years after we installed Jeeves ERP in Sweden, we began installing the system in our company in Denver, and since then we’ve continued rolling out in Melbourne, Australia, and in San Diego, said Annika Hellström Westerling at Vitrolife in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

– We have also deployed Jeeves’ ICT solution (Inter Company Transaction), and the fact that we have a database in Sweden simplifies the coordination of different activities and flows in between our units. Over the past few years, we have continuously developed the initial Jeeves ERP solution and have a very flexible view of how the system can be most optimally adapted to certain operations. For example, a company that is soon to be spun off will get the latest complete Jeeves ERP version, while the rest of the group continues to work with the enhanced Jeeves ERP solution, she continues. 

Vitrolife and Jeeves have had a close collaboration for many years, and the partnership continues to expand. 

– We feel strong support from Jeeves, and some of the things we value [is the company’s] commitment, and that consultants are always available, said Westerling. 

– Ahead of our expansion to the United States, it was also indispensable that Jeeves had established an office in Chicago with Swedish personnel available there.

About Vitrolife

Vitrolife is an international biotechnical/medical technical group developing, producing and selling advanced products and systems for the preparation, growing, and storing of human cells, tissues, and organs. The company´s products are sold in almost 90 markets.