Nybergs Deli

The sharp increase in sales and new customer demands for EDI communication, among other things, were important reasons for Nybergs Deli to switch to Jeeves ERP in 2010. 

Jeeves provides structured growth 

After launching its gourmet pork tenderloin in 2008, the Nybergs Deli saw its turnover reach new heights. In only a year, the product became one of Sweden’s best selling meat cuts, with turnover rising from SEK 200 million to close to the 300 million mark.

This strong increase in sales and new customer demands in areas such as EDI communication were important reasons behind the decision in 2010 to switch to Jeeves for the company’s new ERP system. In 2003, the company’s factory in Johanneshov was the first meat plant in Sweden to be certified in accordance with the international BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. In 2009, Nybergs Deli achieved the standard’s highest level and in the following year investment to give the company’s administrative procedures a major lift began with Jeeves. Katarina Hellsén Jarvin, the company’s CFO and co-owner together with two cousins, highlights a couple of factors that were crucial to the decision to invest in a new ERP system.

Monitoring the entire production flow and traceability are important

 - Our industry is characterized by large volumes, small margins and high demands on quality. This makes the ability to monitor the entire production flow, and of course traceability, extremely important. In our previous systems environment, which contained a number of different systems, we lacked the necessary integration to be able to monitor materials consumption and perform real-time spreadsheet follow-ups. Jeeves provides us with that opportunity and, as we also have QlikView integrated into Jeeves ERP, it is easy for us to design our own reports and for staff to obtain an overview. The fact that we can also act and take decisions more quickly is incredibly important in a tough, fast-paced industry.

Jeeves is the key to successful structured growth

Jeeves’ implementation methodology and experience of the food industry were a couple of reasons why Jeeves Professional Services were chosen as implementation partners. Jeeves was commissioned in the end of  the second quarter in 2010 and, in her description of the business benefits of the system, Katarina highlights the importance of now having everyone on the company working to the same procedures.

 - Our ambition is to grow in a structured manner and here Jeeves is something of a key to success. One of the most important advantages of a modern ERP system is that we are ‘forced’ to work with uniform procedures, laying the foundations for our current streamlined workflow in which everyone has control and an overview. This applies at all levels of the company; from us in management to production personnel who, with a dozen reporting stations on the factory floor, can easily register information.

About Nybergs Deli

Nybergs Deli is a family business of many decades standing. In a hidebound meat industry, the company has a market profile as something of an upstart and innovator. An uncompromising belief in quality runs like a red thread through the company, whose meat plant in the meat packing district of Johanneshov employs some 70 staff. The company markets its own Nybergs Deli brand, although it also produces a significant amount of own-brand goods for the major retail chains. Annual turnover in 2012 was approximately SEK 328 million.