Jeeves ERP is an important part of Kege's growth and support during the busy summer months when the workforce doubles. One thing that is appreciated is the user-friendliness of the system, an advantage when many new seasonal workers come into the business

Wholesaler makes aggressive push with Jeeves ERP

Keges Grosshandel is the only full assortment restaurant food supplier in Gotland, Sweden. As a part of continuing business expansion plans and the streamlining of Keges’ administrative processes, the company selected the Jeeves ERP solution. 

Keges Grosshandel has experienced steady revenue growth for many years, and very rapid growth in the quantity of goods carried across a large number of product groups. In just a few years, the assortment has grown from a few thousand articles to today’s assortment of approximately 8,000 items. 

Sales growth, a busy summer season with an almost doubled workforce, and the expansion of product assortment, drove Keges to seek out a new ERP system.  

– The current system had been coasting for many years, and even though it had good base functionality, it did not work as a platform for the future ventures. A few requirements we had included a more effective search function for customers, as well as the initiation of e-business, e-billing, computerized inventory functions, and improved opportunities for reporting, explains Magnus Palmgren.

Easy to learn 

Magnus Palmgren of Keges pointed to Jeeves ERP’s user-friendliness as indispensable when the workforce doubles over the summer, and many young employees have to quickly learn the administrative routines. 

– Every single person working with us is affected in one way or another by the system, and with Jeeves ERP, the learning time will be much shorter for the additional personnel. With an interface built on point-and-click functionality, it will not take very long for young employees to learn the system. This helps those who are responsible for education and training, giving them more time, for instance, to develop new standard reports and to examine where else Jeeves may help us to simplify, accelerate and automate, says Palmgren.

About Keges Grosshandel 

Keges Grosshandel is the only full-assortment restaurant food wholesaler in Gotland, Sweden. The company has an inventory assortment of about 8,000 articles, and its customers all are restaurants and cafés on the island. Keges also supplies all the food service operations administered by Gotland County, such as schools, and medical and elder care facilities.  

"Everyone who works for us is affected by the system in some way, and with Jeeves, the learning time is much shorter for the extra staff."