DS Smith Packaging

DS Packaging Sweden works throughout the whole packaging chain, which includes design and production of packaging, as well as improvements to customers’ logistics. 

Maintains a high level of service

DS Smith Packaging is one of Europe's leading suppliers of packaging for a wide range of applications. It includes consumer and display packaging for the retail level, shelf-ready packaging solutions, customized protective packaging, transport packaging in corrugated cardboard, as well as entire service concepts for manufacturing and distribution companies and retailers.

Customers include well-known international companies such as Nestlé, Arla Foods, Hewlett Packard, Nokia, P&G, Unilever, Husqvarna and packaging solutions for DS's own hygiene business.

DS Smith Packaging has a deep knowledge of consumers and retailers, which is the primary market channel for many of their packaging customers. With ten Design Centres in Europe and Asia, DS Smith has a unique strategic competence and competitiveness, which was reinforced in 2006 with the inauguration of an Innovation Centre in Brussels, Belgium. In DS Smith's Design Centres, new packaging solutions are developed in close collaboration with customers.

Loading is made more efficient

The unloading procedure is one business process that is made efficient with Jeeves ERP. DS Smith Packaging makes 200 million square meters of corrugated cardboard per year, but it’s impossible to have such large warehousing facilities. As soon as the product is finished, it leaves the factory and is delivered to customers or stored at forwarding agents. 

– We have equipped the forwarding agents with handheld computers that communicate with Jeeves ERP and show what needs to be delivered, as well as reporting what has been delivered,” said Håkan Andersson, IT Manager at DS Smith Packaging

Close to the customer

Jeeves has worked alongside DS Smith Packaging to achieve IT support changes within the company. The initial step was to develop a prototype to evaluate whether there was support for a solution based on standard systems.

- In order to focus on developing cost-effective system support, you need close cooperation and a flexible solution that can adapt as the operation’s needs evolve, said Andersson. 

Cost-effective synergies

DS Smith Packaging abandoned its in-house developed ERP system after realizing its shortcomings. The decision to implement Jeeves ERP made DS Smith Packaging a more competitive company, with increased information management efficiency and heightened customer service levels.

DS Packaging Sweden works throughout the whole packaging chain, which includes design and production of packaging, as well as improvements to customers’ logistics. DS Smith Packaging has used the Jeeves ERP system in limited parts of its operations for several years. Jeeves had already helped DS Smith Packaging implement and develop the system to handle ordering, warehousing, invoicing, and purchasing in three DS Smith Packaging divisions, while also providing ongoing product support. Today, DS Smith Packaging is looking to expand its use of the Jeeves ERP solution to encompass the entire business. 

Integrating employees with operation

DS Smith Packaging needs a system that integrated the entire operation, offering coordination benefits across all units, as well as controlling the entire process from design to finished product. 

The Jeeves ERP solution is now process-optimized to support DS Smith Packaging’s business. The information flow from a business inquiry to graphics, design and calculation to the final customer order now takes place based entirely on processes built inside the Jeeves system. 

– The fact that we’ve now grouped our processes in one single system means that we can maintain a much higher service level. Our operation is integrated and our employees are integrated, said Andersson. 

Operational support on several fronts

Production is one of several functional areas in which the Jeeves ERP system benefits the company. The solution has enabled DS Smith Packaging to implement system integration within several production areas. The ERP system is now linked to the 100-meter long corrugated cardboard making machines.  

– In the Jeeves ERP solution, we’re directly connected to these large, corrugated cardboard making machines. When we receive an order, it’s registered in the ERP system and then goes directly to the right machine, concluded Andersson.