Iconic Nordic Rooms (INR)

Jeeves ERP streamlines processes and is a broad business support tool for INR

Improved workflows lay the groundwork for continued growth

Over recent years, Iconic Nordic Rooms (INR) has developed into one of the Nordics’ leading bathroom furniture companies, with a rapidly expanding retail network in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. INR has focused on reinforcing its successful product range by investing heavily in developing new products with attractive designs, high quality and innovative functionality.

By adopting a clear growth strategy, since 2007 INR has organically almost doubled its turnover while at the same time greatly increasing profitability. This has been made possible by a substantial investment in realising growth opportunities identified despite a generally weak economy. Since 2010, INR has been a member of the Nordic Vanna Group, together with two other companies whose joint focus is on the design and manufacture of bathroom furniture and shower solutions. These two companies have also chosen Jeeves as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Jeeves ERP provides support in finance, orders, production, warehousing, and sales

 - Jeeves has certainly created interesting synergies between the companies; however, for us at INR, in the initial phase it was more important to be able to efficiently utilise the breadth of the Jeeves system we had chosen, with finance, orders, production, inventory and sales. We see Jeeves much more as a long-term solution that can both streamline our processes and provide good ERP support within our organisation, says Staffan Runemo, marketing manager at INR in Jönköping.

The fact that INR chose to put a broad Jeeves system into operation at the end of 2011 also means that collaboration with Jeeves’ consultants has been important during implementation, something that Staffan Runemo is quick to emphasise.

 - Our Jeeves solution has involved a great deal of customisation and we have benefited greatly from the work of Jeeves’ consultants in that work. They have made an important contribution and truly demonstrated their commitment to understanding our needs.

About Iconic Nordic Rooms

INR in Jönköping is one of the leading bathroom furniture businesses in the Nordic region, designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of products through selected retailers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The company’s success is built on offering high-quality, functional and well-designed products, with some 15,000 complete bathroom suites leaving its Jönköping factory each year. Since 2005, INR has enjoyed year-on-year growth of approximately 30%. Current turnover is in the region of SEK 100 million and the company has some 30 employees.