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Jeeves was built around the idea that no two businesses are alike. Starting from 1992, our founders imagined a genius architecture that could support easily-built, highly-custom implementations that could be carried forward through every upgrade. Over the past 20 years, Jeeves has added deep functionality to the core Jeeves ERP software solution, built up an active community of partners and customers, and become the number-one Swedish-made ERP software solution in for companies in the midmarket.

Jeeves serves more than 700 customers spread throughout the Nordics and around the world. Customers operate within a variety of vertical markets including plastics, life sciences, machinery, chemicals, food & beverage, wholesale distribution, project-based manufacturing, and metals, to name a few.



Jeeves is a part of the Forterro group, a federation of European software companies with a united focus on delivering ERP to industrial SMEs around the world. All of Forterro's companies "speak ERP," and share resources and ideas in order to be better and stronger together.

Forterro is backed by Battery Ventures, a private investment firm that has been focused on technology and innovation worldwide since 1983. The firm has invested in more than 300 companies in its 30-year history across numerous technology sectors, end markets, business situations and economic cycles. Globally, the partnership manages over $4.5 billion in committed capital.

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2 weeks 5 days ago
Känner du ibland att du skulle vilja vara på två platser samtidigt? Inga problem! (Självklart är det vår supportavdelning som har hittat en lösning!)
3 weeks ago
5 råd för att lyckas med utbildningen vid ERP-implementering https://hubs.ly/H0fGzfJ0
3 weeks 4 days ago
Jeeves hälsar er en Energizing Feel Good fredag! # hälsoshot #hälsanförst #måbrapåjobbet Och ikväll blir det julfest! (gäller att ha lite balans)
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