The Telecom company Aurora Innovation chooses Jeeves ERP Cloud!

Have you ever received a call advising that you will be called again at a certain time? Then you have probably been in contact with Jeeves’ new customer - Aurora Innovation. Aurora Innovation is a service company which has developed and operate software within communications, including the well-known service systems TeleQ and Spondi. With the ability to customize the different solutions of same interface, where chat, email, video, and telephony are delivered directly in the cloud These two services help companies around the world in improving their communications and work environment.

Since the establishment of Aurora Innovation in 1996 they have now reached an annual turnover of over 70MSEK with over 50 employees working on a day-to-day basis. This system was created due to the need of a flexible, fully integrated, and cloud based system that could adapt to the company’s strategy for growth.

Fully supported cloud solution, a requirement.When they first decided to find a new ERP system they started looking for a supplier and therefore involved work with Herbert Nathan, a procurement consultant within the area. At first, Aurora Innovation had little knowledge of Jeeves, but after demonstrations of the Jeeves ERP solutions were shown, they were on board. They saw the benefits of the system and that the Jeeves solution stands high in competition with other systems such as Dynamics NAV and Unit 4.

Not only does Jeeves meet the requirement as a cloud service provider, but it also offers another type of functionality with its order- and service module which is more than just an order module. Within this exclusive module, Aurora Innovation will have particular use of the service and periodic billing system.

Another benefit they saw with the Jeeves ERP system is how easy it is to integrate and customize to fit the purpose of the user. Aurora Innovation will design the system to fit their needs and also to integrate Jeeves with their own products, TeleQ and Spondi. As for the company’s customer service they will use Jeeves service order program which, once adjusted to fit their needs, will serve as case management.

“A Safe Supplier”Jeeves ERP has everything under one roof and delivers a safe cloud solution with full support. “We look at Jeeves as a safe supplier” says Katarina Svensson, CEO of Aurora Innovation. Aurora Innovation, who themselves deliver services in the cloud, saw the benefits of Jeeves at first sight. “Inter Alia, to avoid having to zone our own servers as well as know that Jeeves 24/7 is managed by competent Jeeves employees, we can let go of difficult IT-questions and instead focus on the business.” Katarina concludes.

The staff at Jeeves would like to thank Aurora Innovation for their confidence in our system and we look forward to a good cooperation with their company in the future.

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