Pagero and Jeeves – a 10-year e-invoicing partnership is strengthened further

After a 10-year long successful partnership with a joint offer and many satisfied customers, Pagero and Jeeves have chosen to deepen our partnership further on a strategic level with more service features for our customers. Jeeves’ customers will now be offered a complete solution for invoice management; both for supplier and customer invoices.

Jeeves’ customers will get access to an integrated invoice solution from Pagero that makes it possible for them to send invoices straight from Jeeves ERP, irrespective of if the recipient chooses to receive them as e-invoices, printed paper invoices or PDF-invoices via e-mail.

Our joint customers will also get access to PEPPOL’s infrastructure, which will become mandatory for governmental authorities in Sweden from the 1st of November 2018. Pagero has extensive experience of PEPPOL and is an approved access point in all the countries where PEPPOL has been introduced. To enable our customers to reach as many companies as possible, Pagero has interoperability agreements with a vast number of other service providers on the market and we are actively working to connect to the public sector in all European countries where e-invoicing is mandatory by law.

“I am very positive about our deepened partnership with Pagero”, says Magnus Grönvik, Director Product Management, Jeeves Information Systems AB. “We are now able to offer our ERP-customers a high quality e-invoice solution with a global reach, which can be scaled as their company grows. Our customers are not interested in the technical aspects regarding how e-invoicing works. What is important to them is that it works the way it is supposed to – and it does. The professional support services that Pagero’s delivery- and support teams offer is much appreciated among our customers.”

“Jeeves’ and Pagero’s partnership has always been working very well” says Fredrik Rosenqvist, VP Partner & Alliances, Pagero. “The extensive experience Pagero and Jeeves have of working with each other is shown in for example how simple it is for Jeeves’ customers to implement our e-invoice services and thereby streamline their invoice management processes.”

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