New version of Jeeves ERP

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We're excited to announce that we've released a new version of Jeeves ERP, named Jeeves ERP 2024. Starting with this release, we will release one new version per year, named after the year it is launched. 

ERP as a service

With this release, we will start offering Jeeves ERP as a service for a fixed monthly fee where you as a user always have access to everything that is new.  Starting with next year's release, Jeeves ERP 2025, this delivery model will be standard. Buying your ERP system as a service gives you increased security, it will be easier to "own" and use the system and you get more out of the system as it is continuously updated.

What does the new release contain? 

The new release includes changes in a number of areas such as manufacturing, sales and logistics, and finance. In addition, we are introducing a new program design tool in the form of Jeeves Design Studio, a new API platform for a more modern and easier way to integrate, and an improved dashboard. 

With Jeeves 2024, we begin a journey with two branches on the same tree. The first part is about our desire to streamline the ability to integrate and upgrade, including through our new API platform. The second branch is about streamlining and providing more opportunities in the daily workflow.   

The API platform

Today's digitization increases the need for new integrations, which now need to be adapted to a cloud-based environment. This is why we present the Jeeves API Platform, a cloud-based platform where you can efficiently create or convert integrations to high-performance and secure REST APIs. This makes it easy for you to build your own endpoints for exchanging information between Jeeves ERP and other systems.

In addition to the ability to build your own APIs, we have developed some standard APIs for sales and accounts payable, among others. We have also developed standard APIs for production planning via EQ Plan and inventory optimization via EasyStock. 

Manufacturing and Logistics

In manufacturing and logistics, we are improving the Product Configurator, introducing load carriers in inventory management (Load Carrier/Master Load Carrier) and making improvements to the Net Requirements Calculation. We have also started to improve the forecasting functionality and are making improvements to price management via EDI. 


In finance, we have several improvements and localizations that we are launching. One of the bigger news is the CFO Dashboard where you can monitor, analyze and measure relevant data. The CFO Dashboard will help you identify problems, make decisions and improve efficiency in your finance department

Other new features include: 
  • Improved multi-field receipt file CAMT054 provides better matching of payments saving time and eliminating manual errors
  • Improved VAT program that is more flexible and efficient. Now you can calculate VAT, manage VAT settings and create VAT reports even more easily
  • Easier to manage SAF-t file in Norway and now there is also support for fictitious VAT and the RF-1167 format

Focus on user-friendliness and efficiency

In close cooperation with all Jeeves users, we have also implemented a number of improvements with a focus on user-friendliness and efficiency, to make the transition from our Classic client to the Desktop client as smooth as possible. For example, we've added the ability to display the expandable menu at the top of the screen to provide a larger workspace.

The desktop client

We're also making it easier to move from analysis to action in the desktop client and have included new interactive chart types on the desktop client home screen in the dashboard. These provide innovative ways to visualize business-useful information. By clicking in the chart, you can review underlying transactions and launch linked programs for further details. You define the content yourself in Jeeves Design Studio, but we also provide ready-made dashboards for Sales and CFO. 

Development tools

Jeeves ERP 2024 introduces enhancements to Jeeves Design Studio, our tool for designing programs for both the desktop client and the mobile app. Creating your own mobile Jeeves applications has never been easier. Now you can design programs from scratch for the desktop client and mobile app throughout the entire workflow, from adding new fields to a table to setting specific field properties for a particular design.

Jeeves Design Studio is not just the tool that replaces the development and design functionality found in our classic and design clients. Jeeves Design Studio will be the hub of all the future customization and development capabilities we will offer for Jeeves ERP.

What You See Is What You Get

Whether you're designing for mobile, tablet or window client, the look and feel of the program is the same as it will appear to the user.

Data modeling

Now you can build on your data model with new terms, table columns, and form fields right in Design Studio.

Jeeves help

For some time now, we have delivered the Jeeves Help, now called Jeeves ERP Documentation, as a cloud service. Always available and always updated. Since it is web-based, it is easy to share references to individual sections with colleagues. The help sections are also filtered by the version of Jeeves ERP you are running, so you can be sure that what you read applies to your particular environment. At the same time, you can read about what is happening in future versions.

If you are curious to know more about Jeeves ERP 2024, contact your account manager and they will tell you more.