Ehn & Land has a streamlined solution with Jeeves ERP Cloud

Bilden visar Robert Bååth hos Ehn&Land och Conny Arvidsson hos Jeeves

Family-owned Ehn & Land in Jönköping, Sweden, has always been keen to utilise technology to find solutions that help their customers succeed. Maybe that was one of the reasons why they, in combination with a major upgrade of Jeeves ERP, chose to review their IT structure and move to the cloud. This is something they have not regretted, we had a chat with Robert Bååth, the company's vice president, and here he tells us how it went. 

Focus on the business, not the technology

- It doesn't take much effort for us to manage our IT, we have a straightforward and simple solution from Jeeves with the ERP system in Cloud. Everything related to operations is handled by Jeeves, which means that we can focus on our core business and what we are good at, says Robert. 

Ehn & Land is a family-owned company with 74 years in the trade. They offer services, accessories, and machines to the Swedish engineering industry. According to Robert, the biggest reason why customers choose Ehn & Land is because they offer their customers a complete package as well as flexible solutions. The keywords flexibility, reliability, commitment, and knowledge permeate the entire business and as Robert puts it: 

- We don't push machines, we deliver solutions. 

Several advantages of the cloud

Ehn & Land have been Jeeves customers since 2011 and it was in connection with a major upgrade that the discussion about Cloud came up. 

- In that phase, we realised that it would be wise to review our entire IT solution, we saw several advantages of Cloud as we started to gain insight into how it works. In addition, it also gave us other benefits outside of Jeeves where we could take the opportunity to change our IT structure and work in the cloud there as well. The Cloud is mouldable to our size of company,’ says Robert. 

He continues: 

- As we grow, we can also make rapid changes and we can add other Cloud solutions to our IT structure, Robert explains. 

- Other advantages of the Cloud is that we have a more flexible access to the system. Previously, we had to log in to a remote desktop and now we can access Jeeves ERP via mobiles or iPads, which is an advantage, says Robert. 

Updated version of the ERP system

Robert emphasises that the Cloud has also contributing to them working with desktops that they have tailored to suit their business needs and they now have a good overview of each individual position in production. It is also reassuring to know that they are always on the latest version of the system and they do not risk getting stuck in old versions. 

- Since we are in the Cloud, we are reminded via Jeeves when there is an update available. We can plan when it should be carried out, and since we do them continuously, we don’t risk being forced to do a major upgrade when we have waited too long,’ says Robert. 

- If bugs or errors appear in the system, it is corrected by Jeeves as part of the service. I think the support works very well at Jeeves. They have a comprehensive platform where we report the support issues, and it is easy to orientate and use the platform. The data you fill in is relevant and we get quick feedback and action as well. We don't have any surprising costs that pop up, everything is included in the service and that gives us peace of mind, Robert continues.

Would you recommend Jeeves ERP Cloud? 

- Yes, I would recommend the Jeeves Cloud solution to others because it is a simple and flexible solution which let you focus on your own business and what you are good at, concludes Robert. 


Thanks for the chat, Robert! 


Please watch the interview with Robert Bååth below