Musikservice is First Customer for Jeeves WMS

"Our ambition is for Jeeves ERP to become a market leader in complex logistics solutions for midsize Swedish companies," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales & Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.

On February 28, 2006, Jeeves Information Systems announced a cooperation with Consafe Logistics aimed at developing a new logistics module, Jeeves WMS, that is fully integrated with the Jeeves ERP system. The first customer to implement Jeeves WMS is Musikservice Sweden AB.

The business concept of Musikservice, which has its seat in Mölndal, is the distribution of film and music in a selling product mix to stores such as grocery stores, superstores, and filling stations. This sets high demands for logistics and logistics planning as there are often limited-time campaign products and large quantities. Until now, planning has been handled manually to a great extent. But since demand for Musikservice products has grown and the company wants to serve its customers better, they decided to invest in a fully automated solution to make stock management more efficient.

After evaluating a number of solutions, Musikservice chose Jeeves WMS. The logistics solution will be implemented in parallel with Musikservice's upgrade of its existing ERP system, Reveny G5, to Jeeves ERP. Jeeves gives them a total solution where all business flows, from CRM via order and accounting to the vital logistics processes are integrated and can be developed - all in the same system.

"With this solution, we get the functionality and resources necessary to continue our expansion. With Jeeves WMS, we get a tool to further improve and develop our already efficient logistics management," said Torbjörn Ungvall, IT Director at Musikservice Sweden AB.

The deal was closed by Jeeves Information Systems partner Reveny, which specializes in logistics and distribution. To them, Jeeves WMS means access to another tool for creating customer-tailored, complex logistics solutions.

"With Jeeves WMS, we can give Musikservice an extremely modern solution for logistics planning, which handles things such as floating stock and large flows. To this, we integrate new functionality, such as pallet identification management. There are few standard systems on the market that could handle a similar solution. We can now offer our customers an advanced yet cost-effective logistics solution," said Thomas Ljung, President of Reveny.

Musikservice Sweden AB is the first to implement Jeeves WMS since Jeeves Information Systems and Consafe Logistics entered into the cooperation agreement. This strengthens Jeeves Information Systems' position in the market.

"We are strong in the manufacturing industry. The deal with Musikservice shows that we are in serious competition for the midsize distribution companies. We have dedicated partners, like Reveny, that are experts in logistics and distribution; we have modern applications in Jeeves ERP and Jeeves WMS and we now also have strong customer references in companies like Musikservice. Our goal is to become a market leader in this segment," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales & Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.

The deal was taken up into the accounts by Jeeves Information Systems in 2006.