Life science firm IRRAS selects Jeeves ERP

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IRRAS, active within the life science industry, has chosen Jeeves. The company has had the same vision since the beginning of 2012:

  • Significantly improve the treatment results for stroke patients
  • Reduce the amount of time stroke patients need to spend in intensive care and inpatient care
  • Promote tangible benefits as regards health economics for both hospitals and caregivers

The vision will be achieved by making innovative medical device solutions available for the treatment of intracranial hemorrhage. IRRAS is responsible for the development and design of the IRRAflow product.

Complex challenges

IRRAS was faced with several complex challenges when it came to select a new ERP solution. The company’s international organizational structure called for smooth currency management and support for transactions between different legal entities. The industry also imposes extremely stringent traceability requirements.  Solutions for complex processes of this caliber are generally found in large systems. IRRAS, which is still at the startup phase, chose Jeeves ERP because the solution is in a class of its own in terms of its advanced functionality that can be adapted to smaller companies as well.

Flexibility and scalability decisive factors

IRRAS’ ambition is to grow substantially over the next few years. The flexibility and scalability offered by Jeeves ERP were consequently also decisive factors. “Jeeves has demonstrated pliability and understanding of what our lofty growth ambitions entail,” says CIO Christian Norrman, IRRAS AB. We appreciate IRRAS’ confidence in us and welcome the company into the Jeeves family!

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