Keges Grosshandel Switches to Jeeves ERP System

Keges Grosshandel is Gotland's sole full-range wholesaler, whose range includes items such as fish and seafood, meat and cold cuts, wine and spirits, cheese and delicatessen items, as well as local produce from Gotland. The company's stock range comprises approximately 8,000 items, and its customers include all the restaurants and cafés on the island. Keges is also the chief supplier for all services coming under the Municipality of Gotland, such as schools, healthcare and eldercare. The company was founded in 1985, and today it has approximately 40 full-time employees and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 180 million.

Investing in e-commerce and improved search options for customersMagnus Palmgren, project and HR manager at Keges Grosshandel, points to factors that led to the company's decision to switch to Jeeves ERP.

“The current system has been in use many years, and, although it's fine in terms of basic functions, it doesn't serve as a platform for our future investment. Some examples of the features we're introducing are e-commerce, e-billing, computerized stock management, more efficient search functions for customers and an improved reporting system. In addition, the current system means that we use vast volumes of paper in connection with print-outs, so there's the environmental aspect of switching systems,” said Magnus Palmgren.

Magnus Palmgren also points to the user-friendly aspect of Jeeves ERP as being very important, since the workforce is doubled in summertime and the younger recruits must quickly become familiar with the administrative routines.

“All our employees come in contact with the system to some extent, and the training period needed for Jeeves ERP will be much shorter for our extra personnel. Having an interface based on point and click functions means our younger employees will learn the system in no time. This will, of course, also mean that those of us responsible for introduction and training are relieved of a heavy burden. We will thus free up time which can be devoted instead to issues such as developing new reporting routines, whereby Jeeves ERP will provide us with brand new opportunities for simplifying, speeding up and automating our procedures. In addition, once the system is in operation, we will be given a totally different central overview of current sales and stock balance. At present, the sorting work is done manually with pick lists that then have to be fed into the system. To coincide with Jeeves ERP coming into operation, we will also switch over to handheld computers with an auto-load facility.”

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