Jeeves signs agreement with exciting new customer: Mercodia


Addition to the Jeeves family

Jeeves, who develops and implements Jeeves ERP for growing medium-sized companies, today announced that they have signed an agreement with a new customer in the exciting life science industry.

Mercodia is a world-leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-quality immunoassays, especially in the areas of diabetes and cardiometabolism. With their extensive expertise in measurement quality and bioanalysis, Mercodia is also a highly valued service provider. The Mercodia group has a turnover of just over 100 million SEK and 80 employees.

Mercodia has chosen to replace their old system with Jeeves ERP for finance, production, logistics, sales and warehousing.

Per Häggström, Senior project manager and responsible for the project at Mercodia, says:

"We looked at some specific criteria when choosing a new ERP provider. The system must of course support our processes and the regulatory requirements of our industry, but we also wanted the supplier to be well established in the Nordic market, which Jeeves is. We also appreciate that Jeeves has a clear and proven project model, and that they as a medium-sized company themselves understand us and our everyday life well."

Bo Johansson, General Manager at Jeeves:

"Mercodia is an excellent addition to the Jeeves family, and we are very happy that they have chosen us. Our mutual future looks bright!"

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