Jeeves is the New Solution for the French Wine Industry

ID Systémes chose Jeeves ERP after thorough scrutiny of the ERP system market. The first version of the solution will be available during the first quarter of 2008. Three of ID Systémes' current customers have already decided to change over to Jeeves.

"When developing an industry-specific solution where needs are continually changing, the choice of technical platform is a deciding factor. Jeeves is the only ERP system that is really suited for an ambitious, independent program developer. The platform has no equal and is technologically cutting edge, making it possible to continually develop industry-specific functions in an easy manner with no need for major development investments," said François Delage, Project Manager at ID Systémes. "Jeeves' architecture also makes it easy to upgrade to new versions," he said.

ID Systémes is a leader in IT products and services for the wine and alcohol industry in the French market. The company was established in 1987 and currently has a 50-percent stake of the French market.

"This is one of the first deals that Jeeves has made with an independent owner of ERP applications. ID Systémes represents a new type of partner that generates good earning and growth opportunities for Jeeves," said Bengt-Åke Älgevik, CEO of Jeeves.

The contract means that Jeeves will receive revenue as ID Systémes customers begin using the Jeeves-based solution.