ITAB Shop Concept Chooses Jeeves for International Growth

"Our ERP system is a prioritized area for ITAB," said Samuel Wingren,Business Controller at ITAB Shop Concept. Jeeves ERP is an importanttool for the management of our processes. For our continuous growth, acommon international system is required that increases the possibilities of cooperationand efficiency within the group. It is also important to get a systemthat supports changing local improvement projects and legal requirements atsubsidiaries in various countries.

ITAB sells, develops and manufactures shop fittings and equipment for food and nonfoodbusinesses in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Benelux, the United Kingdom,Germany, Central Europe and Russia. The company has around 1600 employees in15 countries.

Today, ITAB is already using Jeeves in large parts of its operations in Sweden andabroad. The company has partially expanded by acquisitions. Jeeves ERP isnow being implemented in a number of subsidiaries that are switching to the commonsystem.

"I am pleased to see that ITAB chooses to grow with Jeeves," said LarsDahlberg, Sales Director at Jeeves. Together with Omnilog, we are developinga flexible solution for ITAB that makes it possible for them to control anddevelop their processes efficiently. ITAB´s choice of Jeeves furtherstrengthens our position as an international ERP supplier.

For more information, please contact:Samuel Wingren, Business Controller ITAB Shop Concept, tel: 036 31 73 00E-mail:

Lars Persson, Omnilog AB, tel: 0371 58 85 56E-mail:

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About ITAB Shop ConceptITAB supplies complete shop fittings to food and non-food businesses. The company’sbusiness activities entail project management, design, development, manufacture and sales.Our product range includes shop fittings, primarily in metal and wood, and shop equipmentsuch as traditional and self-scanning checkouts, entrance systems and in-house designedand developed products. ITAB´s head office is in Jönköping. The Group has production andsales companies in Norway, Finland, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, theCzech Republic, the Baltic States and Russia. ITAB has a turnover of 3, 4 billion SEK andhas around 1600 employees. ITAB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange (MidCap).For more information, please visit

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