Hestra Replaces Movex with Jeeves

"The deal confirms that Jeeves is Sweden's best ERP system for midsize companies," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales and Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.

Hestra Inredningar, which has been in operation since 1900, is one of Sweden's oldest suppliers of shopfittings. For a long time, they entrusted management of their business-critical processes to the Movex ERP system (Intentia/Lawson), but now choose to replace this with Jeeves ERP. During the procurement process, the choice was between upgrading the existing ERP system or to choose something new from one of the large Swedish suppliers.

"We chose Jeeves ERP when our consolidated cost calculations showed that we would gain in functionality while reducing price per performance compared to an upgrade. Jeeves ERP also lowers our operating cost compared to our previous system," said Svante Leissner, CFO at Hestra.

Together with SYSteam, which is Jeeves Information Systems' biggest collaborative partner, Hestra evaluated which type of system support best suited their operations. Jeeves ERP was determined to be the best tool on the market. The project, which totals 3.6 million SEK, includes implementation of the Jeeves ERP system, a new technical platform and training the employees in use of the system.

"Jeeves ERP is an extremely flexible standard system that makes it possible for us consultants to make adaptations based on the customers' unique needs. In Hestra Inredningar's case, the benefits of flexibility, cost effectiveness and adaptation to new business needs tipped the scales in favor of Jeeves. I am certain that we chose the right system support for both now and the future," said Daniel Aronsson, President of SYSteam in Anderstorp and Värnamo.

Jeeves Information Systems has made no secret of the fact that they are out after the customers of the three Is (Intentia, IFS and IBS). An our efforts have paid off. Customer after customer is choosing to replace their existing ERP system with Jeeves ERP. One of the foremost reasons that these customers switch is the lower operating costs of the ERP system. But, that's not all.

"We invested a lot of energy in the development of Jeeves ERP so that its functionality would meet the needs of midsize companies. Today, we have not only caught up with most ERP systems, we have surpassed them. In a time when many suppliers are reducing the number of offices and consultants in the vicinity of the customers, we do the opposite – we and our partners are growing in number and are getting closer and closer to our customers' operations. Customers like Hestra see this and at the same time become one of our strongest competitive advantages," said Lars Dahlberg.

The deal was taken up into the accounts by Jeeves Information Systems in 2006.