EAB Prepares for Growth with Jeeves ERP

Based on the process mapping done by EAB and SYSteam, the choice fell on Jeeves ERP to support EAB's three different business areas.

"We are striving to achieve as similar processes as possible in our three business areas, where activities are otherwise distinct. With the flexibility offered by Jeeves ERP, we are in a good position to achieve this. At the same time, we are planning to grow and therefore it is important with a system that is easily adjusted as we increase in size," said Stefan Höög, IT Manager at EAB.

Jeeves' partner, SYSteam, who has worked with EAB for more than 20 years, also stresses the importance of flexibility in the system.

"Jeeves ERP offers both the flexibility and the integration capabilities necessary to focus on the business impact to be achieved in the project and in the future," said Claes Andersson, responsible salesman at SYSteam.For more information:Stefan Höögs, IT Manager EAB+46 (0)371-340 64, stefan.hoogs@eab.se, www.eab.se

Claes Andersson, Salesman SYSteam+46 (0)370-692 812, e-mail: claes.andersson@systeam.se, www.evry.comAbout Jeeves Jeeves Information Systems AB is a leading supplier of ERP-systems who, with the products Jeeves Selected, Jeeves Universal and Garp, offers wide functionality to the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.* The customers are today 4000 companies in over 40 countries. Jeeves is since 1999 in NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange (Small Cap). www.jeeves.se.

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