Brake Experts Rydahls Pick Up Speed with Jeeves ERP

Rydahls Bromsbandfabrik supplies brake systems for industrial applications andvehicles and also distributes spare parts. To prepare for the coming economicrecovery, the company is now replacing its old ERP system with Jeeves ERP.

“We want to be ready when the economy takes off, so it’s important to have arobust ERP system to support our operations. Jeeves is an open system thatis easy to work with, which benefits us as a distributor, because we must beable to interface easily with our customers. In addition, Jeeves had the mostadvantageous investment forecast – we got the best system at the lowest costof ownership,” said Erik Rydahl, President of Rydahls Bromsbandfabrik.

Jeeves partner, Ninetech, will install the ERP system during the autumn of 2010together with a new e-commerce solution.

For more information:Erik Rydahl, President, Rydahls Bromsbandsfabrik+46-54-856-200,,

Ulf Sandlund, President, Ninetech+46-54-771-491,,

About Jeeves Jeeves Information Systems AB develops Sweden’s most popular ERP system*. The products Jeeves Selected, Jeeves Universal, and Garp offer broad functionality at a cost of ownership among the lowest in the market. Customers currently include more than 4,000 companies in more than 40 countries. Since 1999, Jeeves has been listed on the small companies list of NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange (Small Cap).

* Exido IT Barometer 2009