6 reasons why your company should upgrade to Jeeves ERP version 6

Stepping-stone to the future of ERP systems

Companies around the world need tools that both increase productivity and help them meet future challenges. With Jeeves ERP version 6, you can quickly change, improve and digitally transform your business — obtaining an efficient platform to support you on your journey to success. With version 6, you will always be at the forefront with access to all new features to be developed by Jeeves in the future. With Jeeves Desktop Client, Mobility and Jeeves ERP Cloud Service, you are prepared to take the leap to the next generation of ERP systems.

Increased efficiency

Companies that lack efficient planning tools take major risks. To mitigate these risks, Jeeves has entered into a collaboration with Timemetrics AB, and we are now introducing the EQ Plan solution for production planning in version 6. This solution will help your team to view, simulate and plan your manufacturing to streamline production. Version 6 also includes new functionality ensuring your inventory is utilized more efficiently. This functionality allows you to group inventory records under common denominators called load carriers, which gives you better control over your inventory. Other new functionality introduced in version 6 includes, but is not limited to, improved reconciliation of your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, new functionality to help with credit collection, and additional improvements to enable automatic invoicing between business units.

Information you need, when you need it

With the improved experience in the dashboard in version 6, important information is accessible on your home page. Does you user need to see the 10 most popular orders, outstanding invoices or other information assigned by colleagues? No problems, the information can be customized based on your users’ needs. Your users can use the dashboard to share information with each other in a project, which makes it easier to prioritize the most urgent issues and reduce the time to finalize a transaction or task. This reduces administration, which in turn can enable quicker deliveries, increased production and sales, and it also helps mitigating some risks your company faces. With Jeeves Mobility in version 6, you can use push notifications to share information on tasks, potential problems and other matters. The Mobile Client allows you to read and update information directly in your Jeeves ERP, whenever and wherever activities are executed. 6 reasons why your company should upgrade to Jeeves ERP version 6 1 2 3 Jeeves ERP version 6 is the next generation cloud-based ERP-system for medium-sized companies. As a Jeeves customer, you understand that your ERP solution needs to be as unique as you are. Thanks to the powerful end-to-end process functionality in Jeeves ERP, we can offer a customized solution that calls attention to your unique competitive edge in the market.

Always compliant and secure

Version 6 includes several important additions that will help you to quickly and easily comply with new regulatory requirements and improve your critical processes. This leads to a smoothly functioning organization while ensuring your operations are secure. Version 6 offers a quick way to ensure that new functionality is adapted to future regulatory requirements. This means that your localizations can easily be updated, regardless of where the installation is located. Thanks to new integrations, it is now much easier to comply with new regulatory requirements — and at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Version 6 is based on the most recent versions of the underlying server platform from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, which means its operating environment constantly undergoes security updates.

Improved and tested user experience

Close cooperation with our customers has helped us improve existing functionality in version 6. The user experience introduced in the Desktop and Mobility clients in the previous version has been improved and quality assured. The interface offers a clear overview of which tasks need to be done, which means users are more productive and can more easily set priority. Version 6 also helps you give your customers a more personal customer experience. Improved functionality in the Product Configurator means you can offer your customers uniquely customized and tailored products, whilst retaining full control of all critical processes throughout the entire supply chain.

Tools in the hands of the business

Version 6 comes with easy-to-use tools that help the organization develop its processes and customize user-oriented solutions, without being dependent on central IT resources. This applies to tasks completed in the back office, in factories, in warehouses and out in the field. No matter how you plan to work in the future, Jeeves ERP offers a dynamic user experience that can be adapted in real time based on who you are, which devices you use, and what tasks you perform. For a mobile and cloud-based world, empower yourself with Jeeves Mobility in version 6 and give your users a more efficient tool that also promotes continued commitment.