Jeeves eInvoice is for companies that need a fast, safe and effective way to send and receive invoices. The application is suitable for all companies that invoice regularly or whose clients are demanding the use of electronic invoicing.

Paperless invoicing saves time and money, and facilitates better business with your customers and suppliers. From timely invoicing and communication, to the reduction of errors that can occur during manual invoice processing, Jeeves e-Invoice is a must-have in today’s competitive marketplace.




  • Eliminate printing, enveloping, and postal costs for outgoing invoices, and the scanning costs associated with incoming invoices.
  • Conduct better business with your customers and suppliers.
  • Automate the sending and receiving of invoices, while streamlining approval and accounting processes.





    Invoicing Per Customer

    By indicating which customers prefer electronic invoicing in the customer record, you can invoice all customers the same time. The Jeeves ERP system knows if the invoice is to be distributed to the selected supplier for electronic distribution, or to be printed on your local printer.

    One Single Invoice Process

    With Jeeves eInvoice, you can send invoices to customers who cannot receive electronic invoices. In this case, Jeeves eInvoice sends an invoice to an external printing service for printing, enveloping, and postage, which eliminates manual invoice processing.

    Incoming Invoices

    To receive e-invoices simply requires that you download your received e-invoices from the supplier and transfer them to the Jeeves ERP “Review Supplier Invoices” program. Once invoices are reviewed, approved, and transferred to the AP ledger, they can be posted automatically. This process can be performed in steps, or as a single, automated workflow.

    Jeeves eApproval

    Jeeves eInvoice can be augmented by the Jeeves eApproval application, which is a web-based, workflow-driven invoice approval application. Jeeves eApproval can receive all electronic invoices, and then track approvals across your organization via a simple web interface. Once approved, they are submitted through to final accounting.

    Receipt Handling and Log Files

    The supplier manages the tool used to receive and send invoices. The system gives you a precise overview of invoices you have received and sent. You can open invoices in either a PDF or TIFF file, and access them for up to 90 days. 


    Conduct better business with your customers and suppliers with paperless invoicing