Väderstad chose Jeeves ERP since they needed a flexible, end-to-end ERP system capable of keeping up with the rapid growth and process change in the company

Väderstad needed a flexible ERP 

In 2008, the decision was made to replace Väderstad’s existing ERP system with Jeeves ERP. Ultimately, the company wanted a flexible, end-to-end ERP system capable of keeping up with rapid growth and process change. 

The vision, ”To deliver highly effective machines and methods to modern agriculture,” is an essential success factor for family-owned Väderstad Verken AB, based in Väderstad, Sweden. In 2011, the company had revenues of $255 million, which represented a five-fold increase since 2000. Väderstad has approximately 1000 employees in twelve countries, operating twelve fully-owned dealerships and two manufacturing companies.  

"With Jeeves, we have significantly improved material logistics, increased inventory turnover and reduced tied-up capital"

Addressing organizational demands

By the mid-2000’s, constantly increasing demand, expansion into new markets, and precipitated product development resulted in a demand for a new ERP system. In two consecutive years, Väderstad had doubled its revenues and this robust growth required an ERP system capable of supporting ongoing expansion. 

– We found ourselves in a position where we seriously needed to both change and improve our workflows.  We quickly realized that it would cost as much to upgrade the current system, as it would to replace it with a new and modern ERP system, said Torbjörn Andersson, project manager at Väderstad.

– With Jeeves ERP, we have the advantage of a standard system, as well as the ability to continuously develop it. We have a system that can be adapted according to our flows and functional needs, at the pace of our operational change, said Andersson. 

Continued efficiency improvements

A comprehensive feasibility study and a vetting of the system by managers and key personnel laid the groundwork for a successful implementation of Jeeves ERP. With Jeeves ERP, there are also methods supporting continuous improvement, additional integrations, and automation of administrative routines.

Torbjörn Andersson points to a number of other benefits.

– We have achieved tremendously improved logistics, increased inventory turnover, and reduced capital tied-up in inventory. Other advantages include a better real-time control of operations, since reliable data and figures are globally available to hundreds of users, concluded Andersson. 

About Väderstad

Väderstad's agricultural machinery and methods have often been epoch-making and are at the forefront in terms of quality, design, efficiency and innovation. The company was founded in the early sixties by the farming family Rune and Siw Stark. Today, Väderstad is run by four siblings who all help to manage and develop their parents' legacy. The company has more than 900 employees in twelve countries.