Turvanasta Oy

Turvanasta Oy see many advantages in a comprehensive ERP system, and Jeeves ERP helps them with everything from production planning to comprehensive reporting.

Turvanasta Oy

The world's largest stud manufacturer needed an adaptable ERP-system

Turvanasta Oy is the world's largest stud manufacturer. The annual production of more than one billion studs is delivered to tire factories, tire dealers and studding companies in the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Russia. The pioneer, who invests heavily in product development, has more than forty years of experience in combining knowledge of natural conditions and driving behavior with technical knowledge.

Many benefits with a comprehensive solution

Turvanasta Oy chose Jeeves ERP as its business system in 2012 and has experienced many benefits with a comprehensive solution, from production planning to extensive reporting.

- Our business needed an ERP system with support for comprehensive production control. We want to collect as much data as possible and monitor what is really happening in our production, says Toni Kallio, Export Manager at Turvanasta

Has become cost effective

Before Jeeves ERP, Turvanasta did not previously have ERP system at all. After the selection process, Jeeves was chosen as the ERP provider and immediately after the introduction, Turvanasta received significant benefits from the new system.

- We chose Jeeves ERP because it was adaptable and affordable. Production planning has significantly improved our operations and reporting also works well where we use many different measures of production efficiency, says Toni.

Turvanasta collaborates with several material suppliers and subcontractors and therefore raw material quality control and batch traceability became an important part of the business system.

Proseduuri helps with customization

When acquiring an ERP system, Turvanasta wanted a delivery model to minimize their own workload and Proseduuri offered a customer-specific solution as a cost-effective service.

- Proseduuri has taken care of everything very well, they have been able to meet our needs with short delivery time and our support system can register potential problem areas, which are then quickly identified and corrected, says Toni.

The development work is ongoing and Turvanasta is particularly pleased with the adaptation of Jeeves ERP.

- We have a customized ERP that suits our own needs and we really see the benefits of it. There are still many activities on the list that have to be done but we are doing one thing at a time. Even when we chose ERP, one of the biggest criteria was that it should be able to meet our needs well into the future, Toni concludes.