Schalins of Sweden

Schalins’ production smarter with mobile ERP

By using mobile ERP, Schalins of Sweden was able to implement inventory and production control and get more employees using the company’s ERP system in their everyday work than was previously practical.

Unique production brings many challenges

When it comes to wedding rings, customers expect something unique. Schalins of Sweden therefore offers thousands of models and different types of gold, ring widths and gemstones that the customer can compose according to their own ideas and tastes.

Everyday, Schalins manufactures rings unlike any other. Everyday brings unique customer orders, each limited to a single ring. Customers also expect rapid delivery, with production times generally no longer than one to three days.

Schalins’ production begins in the smelter and then the ring blank, for manual and computer-controlled lathing and milling, engraving, setting gemstones, polishing and quality control. The process includes many manual elements.

Mobile ERP saves time and reduces error

In order to streamline their day-to-day work in a complex customer, order and manufacturing environment, Schalins chose to invest in a new inventory and production management system; with mobile ERP, they aimed to make life easier for users.

“We saw the benefits of system that allows tasks to be carried out directly where required. With a mobile ERP system, we also gained a simple smartphone interface that everyone can use. It saves time and reduces error,” says Maria Petterson, CFO and business developer.

When an employee goes to pick the components for a production order, they simply read the bar codes using a mobile phone linked directly to the production order in the ERP system. Production is therefore always up to date, reducing errors.

“Thanks to Jeeves Mobility, we now have complete control of inventory and production despite our incredibly fast workflows,” explains Maria.

More efficient quality control

The quality of the finished product is the alpha and omega at Schalins. Damage in the ring blank is sometimes not discovered until certain tasks have been completed, meaning that production must begin again from scratch. Sometimes damage occurs.

“The mobile app gives us better warning; we can now deal with problems as and when they occur and can normally resolve them. When we discover a problem too late, it takes more time to remedy and we do so less efficiently,” continues Maria.

Proactivity throughout the organisation

It is not only Maria who has full oversight in the mobile app, the same applies to many others. This means that staff can see for themselves when their assistance is required with other tasks, rather than wait to be asked. Employees actively help to ensure that production targets are met each day, creating a culture of involvement and proactivity.

“In addition to building all work reports into the app, we also have built-in inventory control functions.  The movement of materials, physical inventory; even these are made easier by employees being able to perform them using a mobile phone,” says Maria Pettersson.

Mobility – digitisation on the factory floor instead of at a terminal

Digitise or die is an oft-repeated mantra these days. The need to think outside the box is widely understood, but how far outside? Should we follow the example of Tesla, which took the automotive industry by surprise? Should we follow the example of Netflix, which caught the movie industry napping? Begin with 3D printing?

“Rather, we are trying to work with what we have. In any company there are perhaps only a handful of employees who use the ERP system on a computer. Instead, Jeeves Mobility allows us to digitise the business in a fantastic manner,” says Johan Redhe, CEO of Schalins of Sweden.

Jeeves Mobility allows so many more employees to use the data contained in Jeeves ERP.

“So many tasks are suddenly digitised and production becomes that much more efficient, not to mention that staff are better able to drive towards the company’s goals. Thanks to Jeeves Mobility, a full 43% of employees now use Jeeves ERP. More people should realise its benefits,” concludes Johan Redhe.