Piwa Food

After implementing Jeeves ERP, Piwa Food became a flow-oriented organization, with high automation levels in many administrative processes. 

ERP helps Piwa Food respond to market changes

Piwa Food is a successful business supplying the food and grocery market, which is characterized by rapid change and significant challenges. When the company stepped up the efforts to develop its business processes, Jeeves ERP was selected as the backbone for this effort.  

With Jeeves ERP Piwa Food see the potential of inserting new functions, for example adjusting the appearance of invoices and delivery notes. Jeeves ERP helps Piwa Food quickly and easily identify errors in shipping, helping the company provide broader and more flexible customer service. 

"The flexibility in Jeeves ERP lets us continuously adjust solutions and functions according to new demands from customers"

Flow-oriented and automatic 

After implementing Jeeves ERP, Piwa Food became a flow-oriented organization, with high automation levels in many administrative processes. The subsequent integration of a warehouse management system with Jeeves ERP has resulted in an extremely cost-effective logistic chain, streamlining product movement from manufacturer to final consumer. Jeeves ERP’s capacity for control and its flexibility in addressing business needs have also been important success factors for Piwa Food. 

Constantly improving  

In an ever-changing and tough marketplace, where automation and control is crucial for success, Jeeves is a great and important aid for Piwa Food. 

- We’ve reached a higher level when it comes to automation, but are able to continuously spot new possibilities to tweak the processes further. Jeeves ERP’s flexibility and ability to be modified is valuable, and gives us the possibility to tailor business solutions according to customers’ demands, said Lukas Cronberg, Purchase Manager at Piwa Food. 

About Piwa Food

Piwa Food AB, located in Stenkullen outside of Gothenburg, was founded in 1984 and is today one of Sweden’s principal firms in the food and grocery industry. The company’s providers consist of food producers from all over the world. Examples of products include beer, soda, mineral water, juice, canned goods, snacks, oils, and animal feed. The company’s products are represented at all primary grocery chains in Sweden. 

Piwa Food’s primary area of business is to represent and distribute food for producers and manufacturer, assisting them in developing their brands for the Scandanavian market. The company also has a considerable export business and furnishes products to IKEA stores all over the world.