Jeeves ERP supports NHK-Keskus Oy in its growth so that it can expand into new business areas

NHK Keskus Oy

Finnish Jeeves customer NHK-Keskus Oy provides farmers with the products and services they need to run a profitable agriculture business. Through our Finnish partner Proseduuri Oy, NHK uses Jeeves ERP. Pauli Pello, Executive Vice President of NHK Center, thinks Jeeves ERP works very good and that Proseduuri provides a wide range of support.

NHK imports, sells, and markets various agricultural machines, for example milking robots, barn feeding systems and cleaning robots. NHK also offers in addition to machines, machine maintenance services and spare parts.

- Jeeves ERP is very important for us. All our activities in the business revolve around our ERP-system says Pauli.

Jeeves ERP is easy to customize

- Of course, the functionality of the ERP is important, but in addition to that we also get immediate support from Proseduuri if we encounter any problems, Pauli continues.

NHK has grown in recent years and has expanded into new business areas. Proseduuri has made it possible to adapt Jeeves ERP to support this growth. Together, Proseduuri and NHK have developed and adapted Jeeves ERP to meet NHK's needs.

- For example, we have jointly developed an application for our suppliers, and it has been a great addition, Pauli says.

The collaboration has become increasingly diverse

Over time, the collaboration between NHK and Proseduuri has become increasingly diverse and NHK has also implemented a salary system through Proseduuri.

- Proseduuri has a wide range of complementary systems and it is easy to communicate and find the smartest solutions that suit us best. If you have a request, it does not bounce from one department to another, they take responsibility and keep what they promise, that is important to me, Pauli says.