Lammin Betoni Oy

Finland's oldest and largest manufacturer of concrete blocks has been using Jeeves ERP for a long time and appreciates the flexibility of the business system and the ability to adapt to their own operations, which has helped them expand and grow in new markets in new countries.

Lammin Betoni Oy

Forerunner in stone construction fell in love with Jeeves ERP

Lammin Betoni Oy, a family business founded in 1956, is one of the oldest and largest companies in Finland and also a pioneer in stone construction. They are well known for their variety of products as well as their high quality. Their product innovations have shaped the industry over the decades making them a trendsetter in stone construction a long time ago.

Several years of cooperation together with a flexible and knowledgeable partner

Before Lammi decided to go for Jeeves ERP they evaluated several other ERP vendors but concluded that Jeeves ERP was the ERP best suited for their needs. The cooperation between Lammi and Jeeves partner in Finland, Proseduuri, began in 2015 and the company has been using Jeeves ERP since 2017.

Successful cooperation with Proseduuri

Our partner Proseduuri helps Lammi configure, distribute, and develop Jeeves ERP and the cooperation is something Lammi is very happy with.

- We fell in love with Jeeves ERP and the flexibility of the system, and this flexibility is also in our cooperation with Proseduuri, says Pasi Lehtonen, Manager IT, and Logistics, Lammi Betong Oy.

Jeeves ERP for several business units

When Jeeves ERP was introduced in 2017 Lammi had to change the way they worked with their production and supply chain, their previous ERP had only been used in their sales process.

Proseduuri has also helped Lammi in international projects, when the company expanded to Poland Jeeves ERP was implemented in that part of the business and the implementation project was very effective in just a few weeks.

- For our B2B organization the implementation was very smooth. We managed to adapt the system for our needs and the international expansion went really well, says Pasi Lehtonen.

- We see endless opportunities with Jeeves ERP and we look forward to continuing growing and developing with the system, says Pasi Lehtonen.

A trustworthy partnership

- Our long-term cooperation with Proseduuri and Jeeves ERP is built on trust and transparency. Proseduuri has learned a lot during the years about the construction industry and the use of Jeeves ERP in it. We feel confident with our partnership with both Proseduuri and Jeeves, says Pasi Lehtonen.

- Jeeves ERP suits our needs better than the system we previously used. We are able to work in a more structured way and can refine our business as well as become more efficient, concludes Pasi Lehtonen.