Lahega Kemi

Security and quality in focus with Jeeves ERP

Lahega Kemi has experienced fast growth and product expansion for many years and selected Jeeves ERP as the company’s platform for continuous growth endeavors.

It’s no coincidence that Lahega Kemi AB is leading the market in Sweden when it comes to chemical cleaning and maintenance products for vehicles and other applications. For almost a century, the company has continued to develop and renew its product assortment to meet new market demands.
Lahega Kemi was, for example, the first to develop and deliver climate-compensated detergent for the vehicle industry. The company has experienced fast growth for many years and selected Jeeves ERP as its new ERP system, as well as a platform for continuous growth endeavors. 


Lahega Kemi´s production facility in Helsingborg, Sweden, is almost 70,000 square feet and one of Europe’s most modern chemical engineering plants. With manufacturing capacity of 3.2 million US gallons per year, along with a new warehouse that was opened in 2010, the facility holds roughly 9,000 stages. The company’s products are characterized by consistently high and reliable levels of quality.


Lahega Kemi uses thorough procedures for traceability. All raw materials are carefully controlled and all production batch tests are kept four years after the company’s chemists have approved the quality for delivery. An important reason for the company’s investment in Jeeves ERP was the opportunity and desire for developing the batch procedures even further. 
“Previously, we had an ERP system that couldn’t support our growth any longer,” said Mike Back, who is responsible for IT services at Lahega Kemi. “It was too rigid and without potential for development while not being powerful enough to support our batch routines. Safety and quality issues are very important to us and, with Jeeves ERP, the routines for raw material monitoring and batch handling have been simplified, as well as made more effective. We’ve received great help from Jeeves consultants in the development of the solution. They are very responsive and capable of transforming our needs to good solutions.”


Jeeves ERP also has made it possible to streamline other processes within the company. For example, handling inventory has been simplified by the use of PDAs, as well as by the fact that the salespersons’ order entry is now conducted via an electronic tablet straight into Jeeves ERP, instead of manual paper procedures. 


Lahega Kemi AB is a Swedish chemical engineering company that primarily operates in the Swedish market. The company was founded in 1958 and manufactures products for different areas, such as automotive, industrial and hygiene applications, as well as private label manufacturing. The main office, production plant, and warehouse are located in Helsingborg. Lahega Kemi has revenues of approximately $33.4 million, and over 80 employees.