Fagerhult is fully committed to Jeeves ERP as an ERP system in a number of sales companies and production units. The system shortens lead times, increases delivery precision and supports Fagerhult in their growth. 

Fagerhult achieves fast turnaround and delivery

Holistic vision, regard for customer input, and strong brands explain the progress of one of Europe’s leading light groups. With the addition of Jeeves ERP, the company is also reducing lead-times, as well as increasing on-time delivery performance.

Fagerhult Belysning has built its business on light since its first facility was founded in 1945. A holistic vision has characterized the company’s logistic processes, while goals toward increasingly tailored solutions have created increased demands on Fagerhult´s supply chain. When the company implemented a new ERP system, it required robust applications for production, purchasing, inventory management, and finance. 

Customer-oriented solutions 

With values founded on customer insight, a performance-centric culture, and innovative skills, Fagerhult has grown robustly. One of Fagerhult’s success factors has been its determination to offer customers tailored lighting solutions within a number of market segments, including corporate, retail, educational, industrial and medical. As a result, the volume of engineer-to-order production has increased, requiring an effective logistics process alongside increasingly complex production. 

– Internally, we call our Jeeves ERP implementation project ‘Planning Excellence,’ to mark the level of ambition in our undertaking to improve the logistics process. It’s still too early to see results, but we look very positively upon the main planning concept we’ve developed, as one example, which provides a lot of advantages over earlier routines that were built in spreadsheets. As another example, an important part of the project has been to develop customer service with faster responses to delivery time inquiries, said Nina Ström, project leader for Jeeves at Fagerhult. 

Support in development in a cost-effective way

Fagerhult’s business environment leverages Jeeves ERP’s ability to easily integrate with other systems, since the company has separate sales and warehouse management solutions for stock inventory. Another challenge was the flexibility Fagerhult required to meet the demands of customization or configuration of standard products. 

– Even though we’re not at the finish line yet, we look very favorably on the opportunity to build and adapt a solution that adjusts to our needs. That Jeeves ERP can be easily upgraded and altered is important. Fagerhult will keep on evolving, and this requires that the system is able to support changes in a cost-effective way. Low ongoing costs are important to us, said Michael Åberg, part of Fagerhult’s corporate IT team.

About Fagerhult

Fagerhult is one of Europe´s leading lighting solutions groups, with approximately 2,200 employees and operations in 17 countries. The company creates modern products and exciting, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting systems that sensibly integrate into their intended environments. The group owns a number of leading brands, such as Fagerhult, Ateljé Luktan, LTS, Whitecroft Lighting, and Designplan Lighting.