Constuctor chose Jeeves ERP partly because of the system's multi-company management (ICT), but also because of its flexibility and the ability to make upgrades smooth and cost-effective.

Leading supplier of warehouse and logistics fixtures

Seeking to attain greater efficacy in administering its business flows, Constructor Sverige AB, a Swedish provider of warehousing, storage, archiving and logistics solutions, selected Jeeves as its new ERP system.

With its roots in appliance manufacturer Electrolux, Constructor has become the leading supplier of warehouse and logistics fixtures and equipment in Sweden. This position has been achieved through a conscious strategy that includes engineering and manufacturing its own products – in its own facilities – giving Constructor direct control over the entire process, from concept to installation. Constructor Group is the third-largest supplier of industrial storage solutions in Europe and the largest supplier in the retail sector. 

ICT and flexibility crucial

Vital in the selection of Jeeves ERP was, among other things, the system’s information and communication technology (ITC), its flexibility, and its potential for flexible and cost-effective upgrades. Constructor has continuously developed the Jeeves ERP system since the initial implementation, and can assert to having accomplished numerous advancements. Ulf Sternebratt, Constructor's Group IT Manager, can point to some of the benefits that have been achieved.

– An example of our continuous development is the creation of EDI connections to our partners. This helps in more effective and rapid information flow, both internally and with our customers, which is important to us. Today it’s important to answer to demands for just-in-time information, and Jeeves helps us do exactly that. The ICT has helped us streamline our internal flows, as well as centralize our administrative and financial operations in Gothenburg, says Ulf Stenerbratt. 

According to Sternebratt, Constructor is a strong driving force in the development of the system, but Constructor also finds that Jeeves’ consultants contribute to the momentum as well. 

– We have a very good partnership. Our Jeeves partners are enthusiastic and forward thinking, which is important due to the fact that our ambition is to continue the development of Jeeves, so that the system is always adjusted to meet new business demands.

"The system has helped us streamline our internal flows, as well as centralize operations"

About Constuctor

Constructor Sverige AB, part of Constructor Group AS, has long been the industry-leading provider of warehouse and storage systems and components in Sweden. The company’s position as market leader has been reached by a conscious strategy to develop its own products and manufacture them in its own factories. The strategy provides control of the entire chain, from concept to installation, at a customer site. Constructor Sweden's head office and central warehouse are located in Gothenburg.