Net Insight Choose Jeeves

"Net Insight has grown quickly during the past two years. It is therefore critical that the company get system support for all Net Insight business processes. Jeeves Enterprise meets these requirements while also giving Net Insight a flexible and upgradeable ERP system," said Lars Kevsjö, CFO of Net Insight.

Net Insight offers cost-effective and scalable optical transport solutions for media networks, digital terrestrial television, mobile TV networks and IPTV/cable TV networks.

"Jeeves ERP meets Net Insight's system solution requirements with a solution that is cost effective and easy to upgrade," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales Director at Jeeves.

The deal was struck by Jeeves' partner, InfoCube.

"The solution that InfoCube will deliver to Net Insight covers all business process of the company. I am happy to welcome another listed company into the InfoCube family," said Jonas Hammarberg, Marketing and Sales Director at InfoCube.

"InfoCube has solid experience in the implementation of Jeeves. We are confident in our choice of partner," said Lars Kevsjö, CFO of Net Insight.