Jeeves Announces New Cloud ERP Product

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Jeeves ERP Cloud Delivers Turnkey ERP Service for Single, Monthly Fee

STOCKHOLM, May 21, 2015—Jeeves Information Systems AB (Jeeves), a provider of ERP software solutions for small to midmarket businesses worldwide, today announced the availability of its newest ERP product, Jeeves ERP Cloud. Jeeves ERP Cloud is a fully maintained and fully supported cloud solution, spanning software, platform and infrastructure services. The solution, accessible on a virtual private cloud through a secure VPN connection, combines the power and flexibility of Jeeves ERP’s unique architecture with the scalability and cost benefits of a cloud service.

Daniel Göhlin, general manager of Jeeves, said that the Jeeves ERP Cloud product is yet another major strategic product milestone for Jeeves. “Our customers have been expressing pains around their ability to manage the complexity of their enterprise IT environments,” he said. “Their IT spending and resources are consumed with ‘keeping the lights on’—with little to no time or dollars reserved for innovation and system alignment. With Jeeves ERP Cloud, we can offer these customers a service that will keep their systems running optimally and smoothly 24/7 at a much lower cost, allowing them to focus on the more important task of driving their businesses forward.”

“Cloud computing technology is here to stay,” said Göhlin. “Companies large and small now understand that they are not in the business of IT, nor can they rival the economies of scale and expertise delivered by cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. I’m thrilled that Jeeves has created the ideal cloud solution for its customer base. It’s not just hosting, nor is it a simple, multi-tenant ERP SaaS for everyone. Jeeves ERP Cloud delivers the best of both worlds—merging the control and customizability of on-premise solutions with all the traditional benefits of cloud.”

Indeed, Jeeves ERP Cloud represents a scalable, secure, world-class infrastructure that is optimized for running Jeeves ERP’s comprehensive suite of functionality. And, the solution’s open standards-based platform service allows for deeply personalized implementations that are easily upgraded—and even ported back on premise if needed. As turnkey service available for a single monthly fee, the solution can fit seamlessly into a company’s existing IT environment without requiring additional overhead.

“Having the [Jeeves ERP Cloud] service ensures the continued development of our business system,” said Jesper Severin, CFO of Unimedic Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company and Jeeves ERP Cloud customer. “We become less dependent and vulnerable. In the growth phase we are in, and with all of the requirements our company places on the ERP system, it is extremely important that we have a reliable business environment. It must be stable and secure, and we now give that responsibility to Jeeves. Selecting the Jeeves ERP Cloud service will allow our IT department to focus on [other] areas of IT service, including user issues and internal support.”

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