Bo Johansson, Jeeves General Manager, sums up a strange year

Michaela Schattauer January 2021

We have now completed 2020 and it was, to say the least, an extraordinary year. Bo Johansson, General Manager at Jeeves, sums up the year.

2020 was a year paved with rapid changes, with great emphasis on ensuring that all employees were alright and that the customers got the support they needed. The biggest challenge for Jeeves, as for many other companies, has been the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. How are we going to make the transition? Many customers have struggled during the year, which has meant that investments have been postponed, which has had a major impact on us. But all things considered, Jeeves has done really well.

As a company, we were already used to working digitally and supporting our customers remotely using digital tools, so the transition to no longer work in the office or being on site with our customers e went very well. Instead, we have turned up the volume even further, we talk to each other and with our customers even more frequently to always create that important presence. Events that we normally arrange IRL have been carried out as webinars instead and the attendance has been high. We feel that people may even have more time now that they do not travel as much. On the other hand, many miss the opportunity to meet up and that is so important, but we are convinced that we will eventually be able to meet up again.

Our customers have of course all been affected differently by the pandemic. What we see now is a continued high demand to upgrade their Jeeves ERP to version 6 as many customers are still sitting on older versions. I think that with the new functionality that version 6 offers, there are great opportunities to both refine and improve their processes in such a way that they can work more productively.

One of my focus areas during 2020 was to ensure that our employees feel safe, that they are healthy and that everyone should have the opportunity to work from home. In the management team, we have spent a lot of time informing all employees on an ongoing basis about what is happening in the company to make up for the informal information that you in normal circumstances get naturally from meeting your colleagues in the office.

We all miss being able to see each other, our customers and partners and I am convinced that we will soon see each other again. But the new situation has also meant that we discovered how incredibly easy working and running projects remotely is! There will be a new future, and I think we will also have learned a lot of this strange and unexpected situation. For the time being, we keep on working, and doing everything we can to support our customers and each other.

Take care!

Bo Johansson,

General Manager,
Jeeves Information Systems AB

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