Developed in partnership with Syncron, EazyStock is a fully-integrated, third-party solution chosen to meet the needs of Jeeves ERP customers operating in distribution-intensive environments. EazyStock is designed for wholesalers and manufacturers of durable goods and best fits small or medium-sized businesses that buy or make thousands of items that are sold from stock.   

You lose money every day your business is holding excess inventory. On the other hand, you also lose money if you can’t fulfill customer demand. EazyStock helps businesses achieve significant improvements in the management of purchasing and stock replenishment. What’s more, EazyStock is easy to use (requiring little to no end-user training), and fast to implement with the Jeeves Adapter.


  • Decrease inventory by 30 percent or more
  • Improve service levels to 98 percent or more
  • Increase planner and purchaser productivity
  • Identify and address excess and obsolete inventory
  • Decrease stock outs
  • Improve inventory turns
  • Decrease high-cost rush orders



Eliminate the guesswork from your demand forecasting processes. EazyStock’s automatic demand type classification and system algorithms follow your product lifecycles from market introduction to end of life, which helps you better manage your purchasing costs and ensure more accurate demand forecasts.


EazyStock uses sophisticated intelligence techniques to deliver a clear, precise view of demand variations related to seasonal events. Seasonal demand profiles are automatically integrated in your demand forecasting process for each item and location, improving your forecasting accuracy.


EazyStock dynamically suggests inventory levels and fulfillment targets to ensure that your fast-moving products are always available for your customers. With EazyStock, each item and warehouse location is dynamically tracked and planned to achieve your target customer service level at the lowest possible cost to the business.


Optimized order proposals are generated automatically on a daily basis and synced to match your demand forecasts and planning parameters. Order proposals in EazyStock let you know when and how much of each product is to be purchased from a supplier or to be replenished from your production to ensure service levels are met and your purchasing costs are low.


 Manage your inventory demand outliers with more control. With EazyStock, your marketing and sales promotional data is automatically flagged in your demand forecasts and inventory planning. Also, included is functionality to support the activities of new product introductions (NPI) to the marketplace.


Eliminate multiple inventory planning tools and disparate systems across your network of warehouses. In EazyStock, you can balance your global network of inventory within your supply chain and create visibility across all your different stocking locations.


All your inventory key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports can be found in one centralized place in EazyStock, keeping you informed and your supply chain running efficiently.


EazyStock is pre-integrated with the Jeeves ERP system and can be deployed quickly using the Jeeves Adapter.


EazyStock is currently available in English, German, French and Japanese. Ask us about adding more

About Syncron and EazyStock

For over 15 years, Syncron has provided global inventory management, global price management, order management, and master data management software to manufacturing and distribution companies around the world. Syncron is a privately-held company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with operations and partners worldwide.

The EazyStock inventory optimization system was born from Syncron’s history of commitment to supply chain management excellence. With minimal risk and low investment, small and medium-sized wholesalers and manufacturers use EazyStock to better manage and automate inventory forecasting, planning and replenishment, while increasing overall delivery service levels and reducing inventory carrying costs.

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Increase delivery service levels and reduce inventory carrying costs

With the ability to support multiple warehouses, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and even multi-site customers and suppliers, Jeeves is optimized to support manufacturers and distributors of every configuration. The supply chain management module is designed to give you complete visibility of (and seamless collaboration with) your supply chain. You can extend the toolset with the warehouse management, transportation management, and EDI functionality of our technology partners.