EazyStock / Syncron

Inventory Planning for Jeeves ERP

EazyStock is a standardized cloud-based solution provided in three different editions suitable for the small business needs up to complex distribution networks. With EazyStock you get automatically up-to-date demand forecasts as well as optimal re-order points, order quantities and safety stock levels throughout the product life-cycle.

EazyStock is user-friendly and fast to implement and will offer the following benefits to the customer:

  • Raised service levels
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Inventory planning automation

The data is transferred either automatically using the Jeeves EazyStock adapter or via Excel files.

Syncron is the company behind EazyStock, the leading inventory and optimization solution for SMB manufacturers, distributers and wholesalers. Syncron has supported large enterprises for more than 20 years optimizing their global supply chains. With EazyStock, Syncron now opens up the possibility to offer world leading inventory management for small and midsized companies. More than 10,000 supply chain planners and purchasers in 96 countries depend on the Syncron solutions optimizing their inventory and improving their procurement processes.

Visit us at: www.eazystock.com