Quick Start for New Partner

admin October 2007

On December 27, 2005 consulting company, DTS Solutions, entered into a cooperation agreement with Jeeves Information Systems regarding the sale and implementation of the Jeeves ERP system. As soon as June 9, the company signed an agreement with its first customer - Wernersson Ost - for the implementation of Jeeves ERP. DTS Solutions conducted the project's feasibility study before the summer and started implementation the moment the summer break was over. The total project time was a mere two and a half months. Wernersson Ost is now up and running.

"We need to remember that this is DTS Solutions' very first implementation of Jeeves Enterprise out at a customer. To go from signing the cooperation agreement on December 27, learning the system and then entering into an agreement with a customer to implementing the system practically problem-free in less than three months is nothing short of amazing," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales & Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.

Although Wernersson Ost is its first customer, this is not the first time that DTS Solutions has implemented Jeeves ERP.

"We 'cheated' a little. We started by replacing our existing ERP system with Jeeves ERP. This taught us that the system was very easy to work in. We then knew that we could handle implementation of Jeeves ERP at Wernersson Ost the way we had agreed with them," said Torbjörn Snygg, Business Developer at DTS Solutions with responsibility for Jeeves ERP.

Before Wernersson Ost decided in favor of DTS Solutions and Jeeves ERP, they looked at several solutions. But, when they got information from on Jeeves ERP from DTS Solutions, the decision-making process went quickly. Something that to this day they do not regret in the slightest.

"It's a huge change to replace your old ERP system with a new one. In a small organization like ours, this must be done while keeping daily operations running. But, I think things went incredibly painlessly and Jeeves ERP is working exactly as promised," said Kjell Claesson, Branch Manager and CFO at Wernersson Ost.

Jeeves Information Systems is continuing its work to simplify things for new partners, enabling them to reach even more potential customers. For instance, Jeeves ERP has been adapted for a broader target group and Jeeves Implementation Accelerator was recently introduced.

"The combination of an ERP system tailored to midsize companies and a simplified and structured implementation method was the basis of us being able to take larger market shares. One example is the successful result of DTS Solutions and Wernersson Ost. We will soon be able to highlight similar successes," said Lars Dahlberg of Jeeves Information Systems.