Jeeves is not for everyone

Customer who choses Jeeves do it because they need to solve some strategic needs in their organization. By nature these needs are not easily supported by standard ERP software. Standard ERP Software is implemented with what some times is referred as “Best Practice” or developed to support a range of different industries “Out-of-the-box”, use large piles of dependent code and complex information models, are hard to use, hard to change and hard to upgrade with the result as a system with high Total Cost of Ownership and a depreciated benefit over time. 

Jeeves is an ERP system that is built to be additive to your business and organization, developed to provide a rich core of functionality to which the user/company freely can add, change and develop its business and still benefit from easy upgrades, ranked as the market leader in providing ridiculously low Total Cost of Ownership.

Jeeves ERP is for those companies who wants to be unique, be in control, develop knowledge and innovation, transform and change their business processes with continuous improvements, not have any built in barriers, react to changes in markets or regulations, and support for enterprise growth. Jeeves ERP is at the same time a tool, a platform and a system letting your company achieve to its needs, goals and strategy. Our customers have found that Jeeves ERP does this far better than any other ERP package.

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