StreamServe Enterprise Document Presentment (EDP) makes it possible for the world's leading companies to effectively communicate with their customers, partners and suppliers by automatically creating and presenting documents in any format via any distribution method, including printing, emailing, faxing, and archiving. StreamServe's EDP solutions help more than 4,600 customers in 130 countries present a rich array of customized business documents, interactively, electronically or in paper form. Customers include BMW, Posten, SEB, Volvo, Agis Insurance, and China Light & Power. StreamServe is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts USA. The company was founded in Sweden and has 15 offices around the world. StreamServe's packaged EDP solutions for Jeeves customers include templates for common business documents and and preselected distribution methods. The solution also can be further customized to align with specific business processes. For more information, visit