Success for Jeeves Version 2.0: 100 Upgrades Since March

admin July 2010

Jeeves Universal and Jeeves Selected Version 2.0 became available to customers in mid-March. One of the almost 100 companies that have already upgraded is T-Emballage, a packaging and building supplies company. IT is high on the company’s agenda, and today 25–30 percent of its IT budget is dedicated to maintenance, with the remainder for development. At most companies, the reverse is true.

“Jeeves is a company that truly delivers on its promises, especially when it comes to flexibility, adaptability and smooth upgrades. Since we purchased Jeeves in 1999, we have upgraded four times, and every time it has gone smoothly and satisfied vital needs at a reasonable price. The most recent time, this past March, was exceptional. We left the office on Friday and when we came back on Monday the upgrade had been implemented and we were able to use the system as usual,” said Hans Juhlin, responsible for ERP systems at T-Emballage. “Naturally, we have a little work to do in-house before we can make full use of all the new functionality. For example, we’re going to review our processes and use Jeeves’ functions for process support so we can use our ERP solution even better.”

Jeeves v2.0 contains an array of improvements and new functions, including a new built-in process modeling tool for describing business processes and expanding the options for adapting menus and functionality to each user’s role in the company. In addition, the upgrade comes with the market’s most sophisticated variant management function, for handling sizes, colors, qualities and the like, such as for companies in the apparel industry.

About Jeeves
Jeeves Information Systems AB develops Sweden’s most popular ERP system*. The products Jeeves Selected, Jeeves Universal, and Garp offer broad functionality at a cost of ownership among the lowest in the market. Customers currently include more than 4,000 companies in more than 40 countries. Since 1999, Jeeves has been listed on the small companies list of NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange (Small Cap).

* Exido IT Barometer 2009