Students Build ERP System App for Jeeves

admin October 2012

Stockholm University students in their third year of the bachelor’s program “ERP systems and service design” recently attended a three-day introductory course on the Jeeves ERP systems’ technical architecture. Andreas Nilsson is one of the initiators of the project and is a doctoral student at the Department of Computer and Systems Science at Stockholm University.

“The idea arose when we were discussing developments in the ERP systems industry, where Jeeves ERP is on the cutting edge with its Apps Market,” said Nilsson. “Through the project, the students have gained direct contact with the business community, as well as the opportunity to see how it feels to produce a technical solution under real circumstances. They are naturally extremely keen to do a good job and get their teeth into Jeeves ERP.”

Jeeves Apps Market was launched in spring 2011 and offers custom ERP applications developed by Jeeves’ partners and customers. The aim of the marketplace is to make it even simpler for customers to develop and maintain their ERP systems while the ability to upgrade is not affected.

“One of several advantages of Jeeves is that, as a customer, you can do a great deal yourself," said Erik Mårtensson, International Sales Manager. "The apps are an excellent example of Jeeves ERP's flexibility and how it is easy to share solutions with others. During the course of the project, the students will be supervised by Jeeves product experts, and the aim is for the app to be put up for sale on Jeeves Apps Market in the fall."

For more information, please contact:
Andreas Nilsson, doctoral student at the Department of Computer and Systems Science, Stockholm University
+46 (0)8 16 13 45

Erik Mårtensson, International Sales Manager, Jeeves
+46 (0)8 587 09 915

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