QBC Systems Joins Jeeves Partner Community

admin May 2010

“Over the past several years, there has been a lot of consolidation in the software industry.  Many of the larger software providers are trying to consolidate their product lines and force their customers into a software package they want them to use, not necessarily the best product for them,” says Patrick J. McGovern, Jr., VP of QBC Systems.  “We needed a strong ERP software solution focused on manufacturing that would provide our customers an intimate business-to-business relationship, along with a company that would work closely with us and our customers, and we found these characteristics in Jeeves.”

“With QBC joining the Jeeves “Circle of Friends” partner community, Jeeves North America adds another strong component to our North American strategy,” said Allan Lessing, CEO of Jeeves North America. “QBC has a built a highly respected ERP solutions practice in the upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio area and to have them switching over to Jeeves as their ERP solution of choice is extremely exciting for us. QBC saw our strong value proposition and to have them take that message with their expertise forward into their market can only mean good things.”

For more information, please contact:

Patrick McGovern Jr – QBC ERP Software Solutions
E-mail: Patrick@qbc.com

About Jeeves
Jeeves Information Systems AB develops Sweden’s most popular ERP system*. The products Jeeves Selected, Jeeves Universal, and Garp offer broad functionality at a cost of ownership among the lowest in the market. Customers currently include more than 4,000 companies in more than 40 countries. Since 1999, Jeeves has been listed on the small companies list of NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange (Small Cap). www.jeeves.se

* Exido IT Barometer 2009

About QBC
QBC has been delivering enterprise-wide planning and business intelligence solutions to mid-size and larger organizations since 1978. Our team has worked in both discrete and process manufacturing, distribution and field service industries along with customer relationship management. Our experience in the Tire Service and Beauty Service industries is unparallel.
For more information:  www.qbc.com