Published by Jeeves North America: New Partner Signing

admin May 2011

Infocube is more than a business consultant specializing in individual business system concepts. They have combined outstanding product with a unique mix of skills that guarantee the most flexible route to profitable business for their clients.

“Infocube is eagerly looking forward to contributing to the Jeeves ERP's growing success story in North America - both in assisting existing and coming Partners as well as developing our own accounts in North America. In Europe, our clients have invested in improving the corporate business processes together with us during the past years of tough economic times. The result is outstanding – our clients are in general today more efficient and profitable and well prepared for the future. We see continuous improvements being one core driver for success, and the companies that runs Jeeves do have a platform built for this. With this focus and with the Jeeves ERP we truly create business value over time,” said Henrik Engberg, CEO of Infocube.

“Jeeves North America is excited to have Infocube join our North American partner community. Infocube has a deep and rich set of skills and will significantly raise the potential of an already impressive resource base in North America. Infocube will initially join our Circle of Friends as a services and mentoring partner adding a new dynamic to our aggressive North American expansion.” said Allan Lessing. “Jeeves ERP is increasingly different than other market offerings by being a highly flexible, adaptable, easy to use ERP solution that delivers an extremely attractive cost of ownership for its clients. With the agility of Jeeves and the extreme competence of Infocube we are looking forward to taking our North American achievements to the next level.”

About Jeeves 
Europe´s fastest growing supplier of ERP-systems*, Jeeves Information Systems AB develops ERP systems for companies within the manufacturing, trade, maintenance and service sectors. Jeeves concentrates on product development, while sales are channeled through partners and resellers. In total Jeeves has around 70 partners globally. In Sweden partners are represented at 20 locations. The main products are Jeeves Universal, Jeeves Selected and Garp, all in all installed at over 4250 companies in 41 countries. The present operations started in 1992 and the company has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1999. For more information:
* According to Gartner, August 2006-9