Peab Creates Efficient Growth with Jeeves

admin March 2009

Peab PGS AB is a subsidiary within the construction group Peab. The company
started in 2007. Peab develops and delivers a complete building system for
apartment blocks which includes product development, manufacturing, delivery and
assembly. Residences will be built in a completely new way, which will result in
higher quality and lower costs.

Industrial construction is a strategically important venture for Peab. Jeeves ERP
fulfills Peab’s high demands of a flexible standard system able to secure precision in
logistics and manufacturing of residences.

"I am glad to say that Peab, in spite of the financial crises and its effect on the
construction businesses, is prioritizing a long term investment for their
operations. This proves that Jeeves creates possibilities to grow even in a
recession – mainly because we offer the market a competitive alternative at a
low total cost of ownership," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales Director Jeeves.

Jeeves ERP will be implemented in several of Peab PGS' key processes:
planning, purchasing, manufacturing and assembly. Together with product
development and configuration systems, Jeeves will form the base for the company’s
industrial construction system. A pilot version of the system was delivered in the
autumn of 2008. The implementation is planned to be completed in September 2009.

For further information, please contact:
Bengt Jansson, CEO Peab PGS, +46 431 894 52

Carl-Magnus Wibring, SYSteam, +46 36 14 91 17

About Jeeves 
Jeeves Information Systems AB is a leading ERP supplier with the products Jeeves Selected,
Jeeves Universal and Garp. Jeeves ERP systems provide companies with efficient solutions for
the development and support of their business processes. The Jeeves ERP systems offer a wide
functionality to the lowest total cost of ownership on the market*. It is used by around 4.000
companies in more than 40 countries. The customers are companies with 5 to 1.000 employees.
Jeeves focuses on product development while sales are performed by partners and retailers. The
company started in 1992 and since 1999 Jeeves is listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange
(Small Cap). For more information, please visit
* Radar Group

About SYSteam
SYSteam works as a strategic and complete IT supplier and offers services within management,
engineering, ERP systems, system development/integration and technical infrastructure and
operation. SYSteam is a complete supplier to small and midsize companies as well as a
specialist to larger companies and selected trades. This specialist knowledge is also offered to
the SME-segment. Thorough knowledge of the customer’s business and processes together with
comprehensive IT knowledge makes it possible for SYSteam to provide business benefit.
SYSteam has offices and subsidiaries at around 40 places throughout northern Europe, employs
around 1,250 people and is owned by the Norwegian ErgoGroup. For more information: