Jeeves Selected Makes it Easier for Companies to Grow

admin May 2008

The choice of ERP system is critical for a company's ability to establish growth and competitive advantage. As the operation expands, many small growth companies face new obstacles. Their existing ERP system lacks the potential for expanded functionality, operational support, and improved reporting. At the same time new suppliers and customers demand integration with external systems. An upgrade of their existing ERP system is often inevitable.

"Changing ERP systems demands a large investment and a great effort from a small company in growth, whilst facing the risk to lose business focus,” said Daniel Göhlin, responsible for Jeeves Selected sales. “When a company invests in Jeeves Selected it’s the last time they change ERP systems”.

Jeeves Selected offers a modern and flexible ERP system, adapted to fit the small company's central needs. As the operation expands, new functionality can gradually be added to the initial solution in order to fit new requirements from the company's users, suppliers and customers. Finally, the company is ready to grow into Jeeves Universal, a full-fledged ERP system for mid-sized companies (50-1000 employees).

Jeeves Selected is built on the same platform as Jeeves Universal. The common platform makes it possible to avoid the traditional system change and instead allows for seamless growth into the larger system.

"With Jeeves Selected/Universal, we are the first to offer seamless growth between two ERP systems for different target groups,” said Lars Dahlberg, Sales Director at Jeeves. “That is something no one else can offer.”

With Jeeves Selected, Jeeves strengthens its position in the entire SME-segment. The system's adaptation to fit needs of small growth companies is an important complement to Jeeves Universal aimed toward mid-sized companies. Small-sized companies with 5-49 employees constitute about 75 percent of all companies in the SME-segment (5-1000 employees) and have proven strong growth during the last five years. During last year, more than 50 percent of all small-sized companies grew more than 25 percent measured in net sales. Many companies also showed good profit.*

Jeeves Selected is available on the market starting May, 2008.

* according to UC, Sweden

About Jeeves 
Jeeves Information Systems has the fastest growth rate in Europe among ER system suppliers.* Jeeves designs ERP systems for companies in sectors such as manufacturing, trade, service and administration. The Jeeves group focuses on product development, while sales are handled by partners and distributors. Jeeves collaborates with approximately 70 partners across the globe as well as 20 partners in Sweden. Jeeves’ main products are Jeeves Universal, Jeeves Selected and Garp, all in all installed at over 3.900 companies. Present operations started in 1992, and the company has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1999.

*Source: Gartner, August 2006