Jeeves in partnership with Frends

Ingela Lidström June 2022

We are excited to announce that we have entered a partnership with Frends and their integration platform. This collaboration will enable us to add more value to our customers in their growing ecosystem of digital services. We believe that collaboration is the path to the strongest total offering, and this is part of that strategy.

Integrations are an important part of Jeeves ERP and it is not uncommon for a variety of systems to be able to work together or for our customers to have external systems that will enter the same workflow as Jeeves ERP. Frends are very good in this area so by collaborating with them we can offer our customers something that we cannot give them on their own.

Growth through partners

- We are very happy about our partnership with Jeeves. It is a great continuation of our growth with partners in the Nordics, Europe, and globally. Jeeves is one of the best companies to grow together in the Nordic market; our partnership eases up their workload, and they can focus on what really matters, creating value for their clients. In turn, it strengthens Frends' position as the best partner within iPaaS in the Nordics and Europe, says Jukka Rautio, Head of Frends at HiQ.

- Through a partnership with Frends, we have not only access to a powerful integration platform in our customer projects but also a strategic partner with 30 years of experience in integration and automation. With its' technology and know-how, Frends help us to develop Jeeves ERP further to effectively support our customers' business processes in a growing ecosystem of applications and services, says Lars Hellberg, Head of Product Management at Jeeves.

About Frends

Frends is an integration and automation platform built for the hybrid IT landscape. Frends connects systems and applications that are otherwise separate so that all parts of the business process always have access to the right information at the right time. Digital processes can be automated and enable large efficiencies and savings in time and costs. Frends also enables organizations to create new business models by opening up to partners, building eco-systems, and sharing their data with others securely. Frends is an integration platform that is developed, operated and marketed by Frends part of HiQ.

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More information can also be found here:

Article in Breakit: (in Swedish)  ”Vi frigör våra kunders kreativa kapital – och Frends frigör vårt”


Jeeves och Frends partnerskap
In image from left to right: Kent Kimber-Hansson (Lead Application Architect), Lars Hellberg (Head of Product Management), Asmo Urpilainen (Chief Product Officer at Frends), Ann-Louise Nygren (R&D Director), Christian Schreil (Product Manager), Kristoffer Lundegren (Country Manager at Frends), Jari Myllyla (Partner Pre-Sales Architect at Frends)