Jeeves Makes Big Drive in Russia

admin October 2007

"Russia is an extremely exciting region that has the potential to become one of our large markets within 3 to 4 years," said Nicolas Ehrling, CEO of Jeeves Information Systems.

Jeeves Information Systems' business strategy is to develop the Jeeves and Garp ERP systems. All sales and implementation is handled via a global partner network, which currently comprises over 60 partners. Until now, Jeeves Information Systems has not had any dedicated representative with Master Partner responsibility in Russia.

Jeeves Information Systems is now making a big drive in the Russian market. An agreement has been entered into with Jeeves Business Solutions Ltd (JBS). In its capacity as Master Partner, JBS will build up a partner network of Russian resellers and collaborative partners, who will sell and implement Jeeves EPR with a focus on midsize Russian manufacturing companies.

JBS is a hive-off from a pilot project conducted together with the Swedish/Russian company Advakom, which is run by Swedish entrepreneur Per Strandqvist and has operated in Russia since 1998. As its first project in Russia, Advakom implemented Jeeves ERP in its entire operation one year ago. Advakom has successfully made the transition from an outdated Russian system to Jeeves ERP.

"There is no modern and flexible ERP system tailored to midsize Russian manufacturing companies. Most international players are represented in Russia, but focus primarily on big companies. The domestic Russian systems are incredibly out-of-date when it comes to both functionality and technical platform. It is these local systems that Jeeves Enterprise will compete against. I am completely convinced that it will be a hit with Russian companies. There are no ERP systems of Jeeves ERP's caliber in Russia," said Per Strandqvist, President of Advakom.

The President of JBS will be Vadim Kharlamov, former Advakom IT manager. The Russian company's strategy is to act as a skills center for Jeeves ERP.

In order to give JBS the best possible conditions, Jeeves ERP has been adapted for the Russian market - all text in the interface has been translated into Russian and specific Russian conditions in business-critical processes have been included in the functionality. The Russian version of Jeeves Enterprise has already been implemented at a number of pilot customers, but will not be generally available on the Russian market until the the first quarter of 2007.

"Russia has the potential to become of our are largest markets. We are stepping on the scene at just the right time, as Russian industry is undergoing significant expansion and is in great need of a modern ERP system that they can grow with. The domestic suppliers can't keep pace while the large international ERP systems have their dance cards full with big customers. Jeeves ERP fills the gap by being able to offer an ERP system in demand at midsize Russian manufacturing companies," said Nicolas Ehrling.

The goal is for JBS to have a partner network of at least 10 resellers and collaborative partners within 18 months.