Jeeves Launches Apps Market

admin May 2011

The Jeeves Apps Market is being launched by the ERP system developer Jeeves, with the intention of making it even simpler for customers to upgrade, develop and maintain their systems. In addition to being able to download apps, customers will be able to develop apps to meet their own particular needs, together with Jeeves partners, and then upload these to the Jeeves Apps Market for sale to other companies with the same system customization requirements.

"Our goal is always to make daily operations easier for our customers. The Jeeves Apps Market will make it simple for our customers to get hold of solutions that Jeeves partners have developed. CIOs will have more control over their operations and won’t be so dependent on consultants," said Magnus Sjökvist, Jeeves Product Manager.

"Jeeves’ unique architecture is the underlying technology for the ERP apps, differentiating these in many ways from cell phone apps. For example, Jeeves apps have the capability to interact with thousands of data tables. This is an advanced technology that we are now making available to our customers, and it will make development simpler and more efficient, as well as making it easier to maintain different customized solutions," said Sjökvist.

Jeeves Apps Market will make it simpler to:

  • upgrade and maintain ERP systems
  • continuously administrate customizations
  • test and install different customized solutions in different environments
  • acquire cost-efficient solutions
  • gain access to the experience of other customers and partners
  • distribute Jeeves add-on functionalities.

"The Jeeves Apps Market will also revolutionize the work of our partners. The apps will help them to meet the needs of customers more optimally and exactly. By focusing on selected industry verticals they can quickly develop customized ERP solutions that many more companies can benefit from," Sjökvist concluded.

There will be a preview of Jeeves Apps Market on May 13 at the international partner event Jeeves Live in Stockholm.

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