Jeeves Expanded with Two New, Attractive Applications

admin October 2007

The modules have an 8-year history as freestanding modules and were initially developed by Jeeves Information Systems collaborative partner, SYSteam. While a project was underway, the modules were developed in the Jeeves ERP development environment. The modules currently have 200 customers. On June 30, 2006, Jeeves Information Systems took over the role as product owner for the existing customers. Development of the modules in Jeeves ERP will strengthen the products through measures such as use of Jeeves ERP's flexible user interface.

"Shopfloor" is an application that provides continual information on the status of the production process - how much as been produced, order status, run plan, material supply, who is operator and so on. The module can also quickly generate compiled reports on produced units - for both entire production chains and for individual units. "Shopfloor" helps you create a total picture of the entire production flow.

"Attendance" is an application for time reporting and is fully integrated with "Shopfloor". This ties run plans and produced units to the operators, which facilitates factors such as quality work. "Attendance" is flexible. Presence can be activated via a number of different tools, such as timecard, bar codes or manually directly in the application.

"These two modules will be strong, competitive elements of our global expansion. Few, if any, ERP systems for midsize companies have functionality as in-depth as our 'Shopfloor' and 'Attendance'," said Magnus Grönvik, Product Director of Jeeves Information Systems.

"Shopfloor" replaces current similar functionality in Jeeves ERP. During the development of "Shopfloor" and "Attendance", focus was not only on creating a high degree of functionality. An important part of development work was also the creation of a clear and user-friendly interface.

"We want the applications to be simple and intuitive to work with. This way, we reduce the risk of mistakes and instead an important tool for daily work," said Magnus Grönvik.

Both applications will be fully integrated in Jeeves ERP 10 and will be sold through the Jeeves global partner network.