Jeeves Establishes Partner Network in North America

admin November 2008

"The cooperation with the co-owners at our American Master Partner gives us a
foundation for developing a partner network in North America," said Bengt-Åke
Älgevik, CEO of Jeeves. We get quick access to a sales organization with broad local
experience and professional business relations. In addition, our international
customers with operations in the USA will get improved local support. North America
is an attractive market with large long-term sales potential, offering great
opportunities for new partner recruitments."

Jeeves North America is lead by Allan Lessing, an executive with experience in
leading positions in both North America and Europe. Together with the new
management team, he has been successful in establishing a market for outside ERP
solutions in North America. Jeeves Information Systems in Stockholm owns a 15
percent share in the company.

Jeeves North America is also pleased to announce that one new Jeeves partner has
already been established, giving Jeeves access to several important North American
areas: Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto.

In connection to the Master Partner agreement, two new additional customer
contracts have been signed with companies in the manufacturing sector. The orders
include a total of 100 users.

"We have since long been searching for an ERP system with extensive functionality
that meets the customer's needs regarding flexibility, user friendliness and that easily
can be adapted to specific needs," Allan Lessing points out. ‘We found this in Jeeves
and also found the lowest cost-of-ownership through easy upgrades."

"The establishment of a Master Partner in the North American market is in line with
our vision of becoming a leading supplier of ERP systems," said Bengt-Åke Älgevik.
To have a representation in North America is important for our growth strategy.


About Jeeves 
Europe´s fastest growing supplier of ERP-systems*, Jeeves Information Systems AB develops
ERP systems for companies within the manufacturing, trade, maintenance and service sectors.
Jeeves concentrates on product development, while sales are channeled through partners and
resellers. In total Jeeves has around 70 partners globally. In Sweden partners are represented at
20 locations. The main products are Jeeves Universal, Jeeves Selected and Garp, all in all
installed at over 3 900 companies. Present operations started in 1992 and the company has been
listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1999.

* According to Gartner, August 2006