Jeeves Continues its Globalization Strategy in the Netherlands

admin October 2007

"Bartels' and Lindiform's choice of Jeeves is one more indication that the flexibility of the system can hold its own against international competition. With all of our reference customers in the Dutch market, we are well equipped for continued expansion," said Bengt-Åke Älgevik, CEO of Jeeves Information Systems.

Bartels Group is an engineering consulting company with 250 employees and nine offices in the Netherlands and offices in Belgium, Poland, Ireland and Germany. In the first stage, the Jeeves order covers accounting and project administration in Bartels' Dutch operations. Later in 2007, this will be expanded to cover the foreign offices and additional functions.

Lundiform manufactures interiors and furniture, specializing in interior concepts for retail and furniture for healthcare and laboratories. The Jeeves order covers systems for production management and CRM.

JIS Nederland is a Jeeves' partner in the Netherlands. The company has 10 consultants who specialize in Jeeves ERP systems.